The Farm

The family flower farm is called Bloomin Koomen Flowers and is a premium rose production farm located in Pakenham, Victoria. The rose farm is run by my dad Kees and my good mate Michael Allen. They run the farm with a team of ten staff including my little sister Stephanie, my mum Roelie and me. We grow all year round in our gas heated glass house that has 70,000+ rose bushes in it, we pick off these bushes daily.

Dad has been running his flower business for over 35 years during which time it has evolved in size and scope and now produces some of the finest locally grown roses around. This is an exciting and inspiring time for Bloomin Koomen Flowers as we pick new varieties and change our business structure. Over the last few years we have changed our varieties to keep up with the latest bridal fashions, our newest varieties have the most gorgeous scents and have been a real hit as the old fashioned garden varieties have made a come back.

Our most recent addition to the farm is a dahlia project that mum and I have been working on. We became dahlia fanatics in the last few years and have been propagating varieties ever since. This is our first year and has been dedicated to establishing the crop but it is going very well.