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Hey legends,

Welcome to the new website!

My name is Ruby Koomen and I am a florist, flower farmer, teacher, musician and now business owner of Ruby Soho Flowers.

My floral studio is based in Yarraville a gorgeous suburb in Melbourne’s West. I reside between my floral headquarters in the ‘big smoke’ and the family flower farm in Victorias South East, where I help run the family rose and dahlia farm with my very talented, very Dutch parents Kees and Roelie Koomen and my good mate Michael Allen.

Coming from four generations of flower farmers I have always had a passion for good quality flowers. My earliest childhood memories are of planting, picking, weeding and bunching my families flower crop with my siblings. Over the years we have grown lilliams (asiatics and orientals), peony roses, freesias, iris and roses. When we weren’t at the farm we were playing games in my mums magical garden, selling flowers on the side of the road or causing mischief on my uncles and aunties flower farms.

At 18 I moved from the farm to the city to study at university and pursue my dream of being a musician. I fell in love with Melbourne, the people, the culture, the music scene, the night life, the community radio, the restaurants and everything it had to offer. I funded my lifestyle as a university student working in hospitality at some of Melbourne’s best rock and roll bars and working back on the farm when the work was available. After finishing my Bachelor of International Relations in The Mother Country (The Netherlands) I decided I couldn’t go back to hospitality to fund my Masters in Teaching degree especially after working with flowers in Holland. I came back and did a floristry course at TAFE and was very lucky to get my dream job at my favourite Melbourne florist Flowers Vasette.

My time working there taught me all about the other side of the flower industry, a side that I hadn’t seen on the farm. I loved seeing where all the crops we grew went, working with flowers I hadn’t used before, creating amazing arrangements, seeing the reactions from customers, the fragrances, the colours, the vases, seeing the amazing work from the talented team, learning about the colour schemes, understanding flower placement and learning about new and exotic plants I had never seen before.

After a turbulent period at the farm, I went back to the farm full time to help out the folks wholesaling the roses and going to the Melbourne Flower Market three nights a week to sell to Melbourne’s florists. Which I continue to do today. I am so passionate about the local flower industry and I have a huge respect for my fellow farmers and there amazing products.

I am a hopeless romantic and understand the importance flowers play in creating a difference in peoples lives on important days and in your every day life. Whether it’s romancing a lover, decorating for an important event, picking the flowers for a wedding day, choosing the flowers for the bereavement of a loved one, having the right flowers in your business place to inspire creativity or just treating yourself because you are the best, I get it and I want to help you get the most of your floral journey.



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